What the College Safety Program Will Teach You

SABRE’s 3 hour Civilian Safety Awareness Program teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe use of a Sabre Mace.


The Civilian Safety Awareness Program focuses on recognizing potential threats as well as taking smart precautions and developing habits that enhance personal safety. The course curriculum includes how to discourage threats, ways to identify dangerous situations, how to protect yourself at a safe distance, how to use Sabre products safely and effectively and personal safety skills. The College Safety Program has the same purpose as the civilian safety awareness program – to keep people safe – but it is specially designed to address the unique concerns and challenges of a busy college campus. Students learn about travel safety, active shooter situations and responses, situational awareness and preparedness, basic self-defense, how to use pepper gel and personal alarms, and how to minimize the risk of sexual assault.

Course Length 3 hours.