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This New York State Certified Firearms Course is for a registered security guard who wish to carry a firearm in the course of their duties. This course includes seven hours of classroom instruction in the Use of Force (NYS Penal Law Art. 35) followed by a written examination, and 40 hours on the firing range followed by weapons qualification. It is a comprehensive program, teaching the basic safety rules, fundamentals of shooting, tactical shooting, care and cleaning. Also covered in weapon handling is shotgun and rifle. Each participant will have to obtain a minimum of 70% on all shooting exercises and written testing.

The next class date is pending, Please send an email to stating you would like to sign up for the next class.

Please Remember to bring: Pistol License and Security Guard License, service style Weapon of choice, 3 Magazines, service style belt, service style gun holster, magazine pouches, small tactical flashlight and 500 rounds of ammunition for your qualifying weapon. Also approved eye and ear protection.

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